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Snack and Cold Drink Vending Machines, which to choose for your business

Vending machines which offer snacks and treats are becoming more and more common in the work place environment. Although they have received some negative publicity within the schools environment there can be little doubt that snack vending machines will continue to gain in popularity.

Snack vending machines more often than not vend chocolate and confectionary items and crisps. If this is the kind of machine you would like to get a hold of then the next decision is to work out how many different selection requirements you need from your machine.

It is also possible to employ your vending machine provider to operate a fully managed vending machine operation. This takes the responsibility and upkeep of your machine but be aware that if you do employ your service provider to do this they will almost certainly also like to take the profits of any of the goods sold within the vending machine.

Food vending machines

These machines will vend plated meals, pies and pasties to name but a few. The goods can then be heated in a microwave which is often placed alongside the vending machine for ease of access. These machines can also vend cold sandwiches, fruit, yoghurts and other chilled deserts. Often with these machines the goods are placed on a carousel which will then rotate at a push of a button for ease of viewing the goods.

There are a number of different operating systems for this type of equipment. Perhaps the most popular is the first in first out basis which involves the food closest to its sell by date selling first. This method ensures that food is sold in the correct order and avoids older goods being sold past their best. The other option is a rotating seller carousel which allows the user to browse a number of goods and choose from a selection.

Cold drinks machines

Bottle and canned drink vending machines are growing at an increasing rate within the UK today. If you wish to pursue this type of vending machine then it is important to display a wide selection of premium brand drinks which you can use to stock the machine yourself or you could get a vending machine to run it for you. Companies which have premises of fifty or more staff may be able to access a free machine with the profits going to your supplier.

Whichever type of machine you choose be sure that you get the right fit for your business, think of product turnover and sell by dates could be an issue if the machine’s use is limited. Alternatively it can be a great way to feed staff out of office hours and can be a welcome benefit for employees and employers alike.